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We do landscaping and lawn care in Deer Park

A lawn care company does services to maintain the grass. The lawn Care services include Mowing (grass cutting), Aeration, Weed Control, Fertilization, Seeding, Edging, Trimming, SOD delivery, and Turf installation. A Landscaping Company does Garden Design, Landscape Maintenance, Design, and Installation.

Landscaper That Know Deer Park, Illinois


As landscapers, we focus to get to know every place we work at. Deer Park is a Chicago suburb with a population of 3,220, located about 35 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Deer Park has many parks and open green spaces. Residents enjoy living here for various reasons, but all share a love for open spaces and the rural lifestyle that open lands allow. One of the historic sites in Deer Park is the restored Vehe Barn on its original farm site. This is a century-old Illinois farm on 14 acres of prairie.

Most of the houses are built on one-acre lots. A private well is the source of water for most homes. Water from Lake Michigan is provided to the triangle along the Rand Road corridor. Deer Park is served by the Lake Zurich Fire Protection District, which has four stations with full-time fire and paramedics. Police guards work under contract with the Lake County Sheriff's Department, making Deer Park a safe place to live and work.

Lake County provides Deer Park with deputies and is synonymous with high-performance protection throughout the village. Lake County Sheriff's Deputies are professionals who serve in an exemplary manner with a commitment to residents and a dedication beyond the call of duty.

The History Of Deer Park, IL


In 1834, the first settlers reached Deer Grove (roughly Lake Cook and Quentin Road). Most of the early settlers came from Vermont and Massachusetts. In 1845, Rand Road was built as a United States postal route. A railroad from Chicago to the area was built in 1854. At first it was called "Chicago and Fond du Lac," and later, it was called "Chicago and Northwestern."

The fertile land and adequate water supply in southwestern Lake County attracted many settler farmers here. After World War I, Chicago entrepreneurs came here to build properties. Together, they served to maintain one of the few remaining green belts in the Chicago metropolitan area, a green belt that is preserved today thanks to the efforts of villages like Deer Park.

The Village of Deer Park offers wonderful suburban living with a touch of charm, with many ponds and lakes everywhere, and open countryside. To the northwest of Deer Park is the Cuba Marsh, which is a real gold mine for bird watchers and where you will also find other wild animals, south of Deer Park is the Deer Grove Forest Reserve.


Education In Deer Park, Illinois

The Village of Deer Park is serviced by two public school districts service Deer Park: Barrington Community School District 220 and Lake Zurich Community School District 95. Both provide high-quality education as most of the graduating seniors are well-prepared and go on to attend college. Also, student test scores regularly rank near the top nationally in all subjects. The most notable subjects include math and foreign languages.

Many of the graduating seniors that choose to attend college have the option of attending The College of Lake County (Community College District 532), located in Grayslake. Another option is William Rainey Harper College (Community College District 512), is located in Palatine.


Deer Park, Il Zip COdes


These are the zip codes for the Village and we serves the whole village: 60010 and 60074. There are  2 different zip codes in Deer Park

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