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We do landscaping and lawn care in Northbrook

A lawn care company does services to maintain the grass. The lawn Care services include Mowing (grass cutting), Aeration, Weed Control, Fertilization, Seeding, Edging, Trimming, SOD delivery, and Turf installation. A Landscaping Company does Garden Design, Landscape Maintenance, Design, and Installation.

Landscapers That Know Northbrook, Illinois


As landscapers, we focus to get to know every place we work at. Northbrook is a suburb of Chicago located in the northern outskirts of Cook County. This suburb is home to multiple large businesses such as Allstate, Crate & Barrel, Underwriters Laboratories, Astellas (the North American headquarters of the Japanese pharmaceutical company), and Bell Flavors & Fragrances (a flavor and fragrance company).


The History Of Northbrook, Illinois


This Village has an interesting history. It started when Joel Sterling Sherman and his family purchased 159 acres of land in what we now know as the Northbrook Central Business District at $ 1.25 an acre. The area was named Shermerville in honor of Mr. Frederick Shermer, who donated land for the first train station. In the 1870s, the region was an agricultural city with well-built brickyards that thrived during the Great Chicago Fire recovery in October 1871.

In 1901, after a closed referendum, the city was incorporated into Shermerville with about 60 houses and 311 residents. In 1921, residents felt the Shermerville name had a bad reputation, and a naming competition led Edward Landwehr to introduce a new name, Northbrook. In 1923, there were about 500 inhabitants, and the official name was adopted as Northbrook.

Northbrook residents increased after World War II. In 1940 the population was 1,265, and by 1960 this number had risen to 11,635. The completion of the water pipeline from Lake Michigan to the Northbrook Wastewater Treatment Plant fueled additional growth. By 1970, the population had reached 25,422.


Transportation In Northbrook, Illinois

The Milwaukee District North Line (MD-N) departs to and from Chicago with more than 25 daily trips from Northbrook. Several Pace Bus routes pass through Northbrook. The Pace free rideshare program helps you identify one or more people you can add to your carpool. The Pace vanpool program allows groups of 5 to 13 people to use a Pace van for driving to work. Participants pay a monthly fee, which depends on the group's size, and the distance traveled.

Northbrook, Il Schools

Glenbrook North High School is located in Northbrook and serves most of Northbrook. Glenbrook South High School is also located in District 225, which primarily serves neighboring Glenview, part of District 31 in Northbrook, and is Glenbrook North's rival school.

Northbrook, Il Zip COdes


These are the 3 zip codes for the Village of Northbrook: 60026, 60062, 60065

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